Covid Deaths India Graph

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Covid Deaths India Graph. Timeline of first confirmed case by country. Total positive % positive negative tests per million;

South Korea outnumbers China with daily spike in 2020
South Korea outnumbers China with daily spike in 2020 from

By mid of 2020, india had approached in position of conducting highest number of daily tests in the world which subsequently translated to a high number of positive cases. Total and new cases, deaths per day, mortality and recovery rates, current active cases, recoveries, trends and timeline. In many parts of the world, official death tolls undercount the total number of fatalities.

In the past few weeks, the growth rate of the infection slowed and many graphs flattened in the country.

The country has thus far recorded 120,010. The total active cases in the country at present stand at 4,16,082. Multiple tables on symptoms, comorbidities, and mortality. Since the epidemic has traveled to the different states at different times, the trajectories of the number of deaths differ, but it seems to follow the same pattern once you adjust the graph to show.