Borderlands Jakobs Cove Secrets

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Borderlands Jakobs Cove Secrets. The corridor is not exactly close to the skull bookshelf so check the images below to see exactly where it is. So basically i found this weird skull that.

Borderlands 2 10 Best Jakobs Weapons
Borderlands 2 10 Best Jakobs Weapons from

Ill be showing all the DLC red chests in Borderlands as a continuation to my Borderlands All Red Chests series. The Jakobs Vending Machine is vending machine exclusive to Borderlands. Could use some help on this so basically i was inside jakobs manor when i noticed that some of the statues and paintings are interactable so i started trying to press E on a bunch of them.

Or perhaps only more questions to be answered.

Rainbowbasher Rainbowbasher September 15 2019 723am 1. Something that ISNT grinding. The remaining missions are not central to the main story. The Zombie Island of Dr.