Best Way To Put A Duvet Cover On A Comforter

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Best Way To Put A Duvet Cover On A Comforter. Duvet covers can be made of cotton synthetics wool or silk. Httpamznto2zXDeAf with close up shots to learn easily.

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Enter the duvet cover which can keep your comforter much cleaner and is easy to add to the laundry along with your sheets and pillowcases. Some use zippers while others use buttons. The dreaded chore of putting a comforter inside a duvet cover is now as easy as rolling up a burrito.

Hold the duvet.

Lay the two flat on the bed again and pull the duvet cover down the rest of the way. Shake it a bit so the duvet cover falls further over the comforter. Pick the duvet cover and the comforter insert together and hold them from the top seam to keep them together. Rebecca Brands shows how in seconds to put on a Comforter or Duvet Cover CLICK.