Beatles Something New Album Cover

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Beatles Something New Album Cover. It was the summer of 1964 and it had been a whole three months since a new Beatles album from Capitol Records -- The Beatles Second Album assembled from various sources -- had been released to eager US. This was the only early Beatles album to contain all of its track in.

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And even Drive My Car from Yesterday And Today. Reduced to mono from stereo mix the original UK mono mix was used instead. This album includes eight songs from the original British release of A Hard Days Night as well as the remaining tracks Slow Down and Matchbox from the Long Tall Sally EP and the German language.

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Cover is in Near Mint- condition with original shrink wrap still attached. Even though Capitol reissued the soundtrack album when United Artists Records went out of business in 1980 sales of Something New still outshone the soundtrack album by leaps and bounds. Beatles Something New Album. The right side of the front cover shows.