Bark Ground Cover Types

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Bark Ground Cover Types. Available in a variety of sizes from 50L bags up to our great value 1000L bags. While it is not a spreader it is large enough to take up space as the spring and summer months advance.

Maintaining Mulch Year Round Patuxent Nursery
Maintaining Mulch Year Round Patuxent Nursery from

Bark and wood chippings provide a natural barrier against weeds. Some types of mulch are used for decorative applications. Its white leaves and foot-tall stalks bear small purple flowers that will attract bees another thing that beauty bark doesnt do.

They add a decorative touch to your landscape while.

A layer of chippings will also protect plant roots from frost damage in winter or scorching sun in summer. Use it to cover bare soil areas and make your garden more stylish or lay it on a high traffic area to protect grass from wear and tear. Bark mulch is a popular type of ground cover that may be abrasive to some types of plants. This durable natural product not only provides a beautiful finish but also protects the soil.