Australian Native Ground Cover Purple Flower

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Australian Native Ground Cover Purple Flower. Acaena novae-zelandiae Bidgee Widgee. Australian native ground cover purple flower.

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For most of the year they are covered in fan-shaped flowers in colours of blue lavenderblue pink or white. Perfect as ground cover the Swan River daisy Brachyscome iberidifolia is one of the most popular Australian native flowers with delicate mauve white and blue flowers. The splendid fan flowers that give the genus its common name can be absolutely vivid ranging in hue from white to blue and purple rarely yellow.

Whats more the best ground cover.

PURPLE FUSION Scaevola humilis 20cm high x 15m widewill flower throughout the year. Australian daisy Brachyscome Getty. NEW mini agapanthus with a rich deep purple colour and elegant bell-like blooms. Ground cover plants are types of plants that are low-growing spreading trailing or creeping plants.