Ambulance Cover Cost

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Ambulance Cover Cost. The cost depends on where you live in Australia. Ambulance-only cover or ambulance subscriptions cost around 50 to 100 per year for a single person and around 100 to 130 per year for a family depending on the state or insurer.

St John Ambulance Cover
St John Ambulance Cover from

Special Event Rate includes 2 staff members billed to the organization requesting standby service. Some states fully subsidise the cost of ambulance services for everyone while other states only cover holders of specific concession cards. You can organise ambulance cover through a health insurer or in some states and territories from the state ambulance authority.

While Ambulance-only cover can cost as little as 3 a month you can also get it included with extras cover which includes other treatments like dental and.

Plus for all call-outs every kilometre travelled greater than. Provision of Retrieval Team Effective 1 July 2020 370400. 3000 per hospitalisation In PreferredPremier variant actual expenses for an ambulance are covered. Many illnesses or injuries require additional patient transportation which are classified as non-emergency eg.