Alternative Daily Cover Leed

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Alternative Daily Cover Leed. We are building a maintenance facility at a landfill. I know that ADC is not allowed under LEED.

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Alternative daily cover ADC means cover material other than earthen material placed on the surface of the active face of a municipal solid waste landfill at the end of each operating day to control vectors fires. When using Posi-Shell for alternative daily cover you add 20 more capacity to your landfill. The average recycling rate for the facility must exclude alternative daily cover ADC.

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Many state and local governments allow fines from construction and demolition CD recycling facilities to be used as alternative daily cover ADC at landfills. Twitch is recommending users also change their passwords on other sites. Alternative Daily Cover ADC tip wwwcalrecyclecagov. Various standards apply to new construction ongoing operations and remodeling.