Africa Forest Cover

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Africa Forest Cover. Asia too suffers from heavy loss of forests and despite being the biggest continental. This quasi-uniform forest cover encompasses Gabon Equatorial.

Deforestation In Mozambique Mozambique Deforestation Map
Deforestation In Mozambique Mozambique Deforestation Map from

Central Africa is an important forested subregion with approximately 57 percent of its area covered with natural forests. According to FAO 2016 Africa has 624 million hectares ha under forests which comprise 206 percent of the continents land area and 156 percent of the worlds forest cover. Each year individual farmers burn significant areas of forest to plant food crops for their families.

The forest houses vegetations like the African oak Red cedar Mahogany and Dense upper canopy.

Thus protecting the vulnerable forests of Africa is extremely important. FRA 2015 contains information for 234 countries and territories on more than 100 variables related to the extent of forests their conditions uses and values for three points in time. 14 Zeilen The largest area of the forest cover is in the Sudan with 46 percent followed by Tanzania. According to the UN.